Defining Karma® was trademarked in 2012, and is sponsored and managed by            G. Anton Companies, LLC. Its mission is to provide financial grants to aspiring writers.

The Defining Karma® program is designed to identify and support the development of original literary works that attempt to define the meaning of Karma. The term "Karma" has been widely overused, particularly in the United States, as an explanation for luck, fate, or destiny.  Many scholars and historians have defined the Theory of Karma as religious beliefs that form a doctrine.  The religious theory expands the concept from one incarnation to the next. Additional theory is the cosmic principle that each person is rewarded or punished according to their deeds - the act of bringing results, good or bad, upon oneself.


The first Defining Karma® Grant for Literature was awarded to Anthony R. Licata for his historical novel Hannibal's Niece, released in summer 2017. Hannibal's Niece became an award-winning, highly acclaimed work, which encouraged Mr. Licata to submit a new manuscript for grant consideration in 2018. Once again extremely impressed by Tony's creative talent and writing style, G. Anton Companies awarded Anthony R. Licata a second Defining Karma® Grant for Literature. 

Caesar Obsessed was completed in early 2022, and proudly released by G. Anton Publishing on July 1, 2022. Tony's skillfully woven storylines and character interactions throughout the novel exemplify the concept of Karma—cause and effect, or what goes around comes around—captivating the reader from first page to last. 

  "Licata expertly leads the reader through an intriguing labyrinth of Caesar's secret life, combining the documented history surrounding Julius Caesar with a fictional storyline rife with memorable characters, moving drama, and the emotion of love, loss, and personal obsession."  G. A. Beller, Author of Not Black and White: From the Very Windy City to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


G. Anton Companies has awarded a Defining Karma® Grant for Literature to a new novel. We enthusiastically look forward to the further development of this story, as it conceptually enhances the theory of Karma to a greater degree—how we can change the path of our lives and that of others by the thoughts, words, and deeds we choose.


The Defining Karma® Grant program is ongoing, and is intended to challenge and encourage writers to express their definitions of Karma through their writing. Chosen writers receive grants to complete their stories and the opportunity to receive an exclusive contract with G. Anton Publishing to edit and publish their works. It is the mission of G. Anton Companies, LLC to support worthy literary endeavors. 

For criteria and guidelines, click on the Submissions tab. Submission is encouraged at all times. It is not necessary to wait for a competition to qualify for a grant.

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